kay hampton

Kay has possessed a strong interest in art and expression with colours since she was a child growing up in the wheat belt of northern Victoria.

Her initial foray into an artistic world was in the early 1970’s when she undertook a Diploma in Fashion Design, the nature of this course requiring her to draw and experiment with colour integration.

Kay’s professional working career was in the mental health field, working mostly with children and their families. As a therapist she used art and creative play mediums for children to express their inner worlds.  


Over the years she drew and experimented with colour integration with her palette being heavily influenced by different regions throughout Australia, most particularly in Victoria. This has resulted in Kay incorporating  the yellows of farming areas of northern Victoria, the autumnal colours & granite landscapes of north eastern Victoria and  the red/ochres of Australia’s central and western desert country.

 Six years ago Kay began to focus her interpretations of these landscapes using acrylic mediums with a major aim of utilizing an interplay between colour and form. These approaches have seen her begin with still life and abstracts and in more recent times, landscapes.  Kay aims to use vibrant colours that challenge the viewer but also help to focus on an overall landscape perspective.

Recently Kay has moved to a more abstracted impressionistic style as a way to represent the landscape differently.

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