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Reflections on my solo exhibition:‘A Passage of Time’ by Wenda Grant 4th - 15th November 2021

I was very happy with how my exhibition reflected my thinking during another year of ever changing covid restrictions and periods of isolation.

My paintings included memories of places I had been to on holidays such as Coober Pedy and of course the ocean, as well as intuitive paintings that told something about my parents. There were also paintings that had a family name in the title such as ‘Minna’s Treasures’ and ‘Beau’s Treasures.’

I enjoyed sharing my art with the general public in the gallery and listening to their interpretations of my abstract paintings.

I want to thank Sara and Jo for a terrific hang as well as everyone who came to see my exhibition. An extra big thank you to those that purchased a painting too. It is always such a thrill.

'Wipeout' by Wenda Grant

The butterfly with Wenda, photo credit Jon Baxter

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