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sue hourigan 

Sue is an experienced artist of more than 35 years.  Her passion for art began as a child - she loved to copy images from newspapers, swap cards and other designs, always striving to produce an accurate depiction of the original.  Her mother was also an artist, though Sue did not actually pick up the paint brushes until her mid twenties, when she was inspired and encouraged by a close artist friend to give it a go!


She hasn’t looked back!!…Sue’s passion for producing the best artwork that she can has only grown over the years.  She constantly strives for improvement, analysing and problem solving as each painting progresses.  She has been influenced by many artists over the years, attending numerous workshops and picking up “little gems“ of information along the way.  There is always something new to learn with art!

After working full time in technical roles for many years, Sue now works part time so that she can focus more on her “real passion”. Her technical background of an engineering degree holds her in good stead when it comes to accurate and realistic drawing - a skill that is essential for realist artists.

Sue’s dedication through “brush mileage” has got her to a point in her art career where she is confident to tackle any subject, interpreting it in her own unique style. She has also expanded her capabilities with different mediums which now include oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolour, pencil and graphite.

Sue is a founding member of the Passionate Palettes art group at Moyhu. The group meet regularly to share their interest in art and exchange ideas and information.

Sue is also a member of the Bright Art Gallery and has exhibited and sold her works at various North East Victorian art shows over the years, winning numerous prizes and highly commended awards along the way, most recently winning the Best Pastel in Show at the 2021 Bright Autumn Art Show. Her works can also be viewed at Carlisle Art in Benalla, and the Olive Shop in Milawa. Many of her paintings are now sold as commissioned works.

Powerful Pair-compressed and labelled.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 9.13.21 am.png
Delightful Dorpers copy.JPG
Dont scratch in my patch - compressed.JPG
Sorting out whos boss - compressed and labelled.JPG
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