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tanya rose

An artist and art educator with 30 years teaching in the visual arts. She has been living in the North East for much of her life and grew up in a small town on the Murray River. The river and now Lake Mulwala have always been a constant source of inspiration for her.

Her arts practice has focused on using photography as a tool to explore the linear qualities of the landscape. Her series of photographs depicting Lake Mulwala’s unique flooded red gum forest focuses on the luminescent quality of light just as dusk falls and the reflections of the trees on the water.

These works are almost abstract in style are not your typical landscape photographs. Each photograph has been printed on traditional matt watercolour paper to enhance the drawing like quality of the work.


Her current practice focuses on exploring symmetry in nature. Photographing flowers and plants, her unique close up views of the world open up a whole new experience for the viewer. “Symmetry in nature is very pleasing to the eye and I’ve tried to capture the essence of this by enlarging close up views and rearranging parts of the subjects in a subtle way”.


Tanya’s images have also been recreated into small scale jewellery pieces and large scale 3-dimensional works.

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