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wenda grantt

Wenda is an emerging artist from Yarrawonga in North East Victoria. On retirement from a long career in primary school teaching at the end of 2016, she was looking forward to having time to further explore her creativity.


Wenda had already completed a floristry course at Bloom College in Melbourne so imagined she would further her experience with flower arranging and installations. However it was on return from a bucket list holiday to Lord Howe Island late in 2017 that she picked up a paint brush and has not stopped since.

Wenda paints in an abstract style and uses a lot of bright colour to express herself. She compares painting to flower arranging as it is all about the balance of shapes and colours that makes for a good composition. She has created multi layered works in water colour and acrylic and has a love of texture and mark making that is becoming her signature style. She has used pastels, pencils and posca pens to make marks over her work and various implements such as spatulas, skewers and even a credit card to make marks in wet paint. They are often botanical in nature or simple imperfect patterns.


Wenda acknowledges the journey she undertakes while painting is extremely satisfying and sometimes challenging, but she is very much in her happy place when alone in her studio.

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