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 our mission and values 

As local artists we are dedicated to expanding and connecting the arts to all in our local community.

Art Gallery on Ovens is an artist run, non profit community gallery, with one of its key main objectives providing other artists both established and emerging in our region, the opportunity and experience to exhibit their art in a professional gallery space.

Whilst we acknowledge the importance and our unfailing support for public art galleries in our region, we know from experience that many of us are unable to exhibit works in public galleries or hold solo exhibitions from which the sale of work can be accommodated.

This is why so many communities like ours have instigated and set up artist run spaces to accommodate the needs of so many talented artists in country areas.

Our gallery is a learning experience for both the committed yearly resident artists and the artists that choose to join our exhibition program each year.




We are inspired by the following values in the running of our gallery.


Creativity -  Recognition of the experience of art for all through a shared passion that explores originality, imagination and diversity

Mentoring -    Actively developing and supporting all artists and each other through their personal art practice, culminating in the gallery exhibition process

Education  -   Cultivating art experiences and understanding for all through professional expertise and the development of exhibitions, workshops and art discussion

Community  -   Engaging and drawing our community together by contributing to it’s growth and cultural development, whilst working collaboratively with others to share ideas and experiences in active public engagement.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

  ~ Pablo Picasso

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