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Ron Ahl

Most of my sculptures are inspired by and reflect my interest and appreciation of the flora and fauna around us. As can be seen by some of my work, however, occasionally I like to have a bit of fun, particularly with a play on words.


Where possible I like to repurpose and recycle different metals and interesting timber.

As a Sculptor, it’s very gratifying and humbling when a person likes my work enough to provide it with a new home. 


Jana Brook

Working primarily in fountain pen and watercolour, Jana’s Winton Wetland paintings are part of an ongoing series depicting the changing moods of the Wetlands throughout the year.


They are presented as sketchbook pages to link them to their origins as Plein Air studies in her handmade Journals.

“Art is my way of connecting to a place. The Urban Sketching movement and traditional plein-air painting influenced me. I create Journals and Artists' books using water-based media, these, as well as my personal diaries, inform my studio work.”


Views from Afar ’ is a collection of semi-abstract landscapes by Ninetta Santoro. 


Paying homage to the depth of colour and texture found in wild and cultivated landscapes, my work aims to capture the essence of landscapes as diverse as those of outback Australia and the Scottish highlands.


As an experimental printmaker, I work with a range of techniques, including reduction linocut, collagraph, and drypoint etching, often combining them within the same artwork.


Recently, I have experimented with the multi-plate Collagraph technique to explore colour transparency and layering. ‘Views from afar’ contains original monoprints, monotypes, and editioned prints. 


Marian Gordon Paintings


I paint my experience of a place. I am interested in the shape, line and colour of an object, but I am concerned less with appearance than the way its appearance excites my imagination.


My work is about my emotional response to the colour, object and place. I work outside, directly in front of the object, and often over several sessions.


Each season presents its own challenges. Sometimes, sites are difficult to access, but I see the effort involved as part of the record of life that I'm documenting.


These works form part of a personal commitment to myself to paint some of the decaying industrial history of North East Victoria.

Copy of Finestra - 1.jpg

Finestra by Marie Salinger


As a multidisciplinary visual artist based in North East Victoria my creative practice incorporates painting, printmaking, collage and photography. Working intuitively I respond to the ebb and flow of my life deeply influenced by the Beechworth Gorge and the historic gardens at Mayday Hills, Beechworth where my studio is situated. My work echoes the organic qualities of nature and explores the notion of transience and the interconnectedness of all life forms.

Many of the Finestra paintings incorporate monoprints created using found objects from the local environment.This incorporation of prints made in situ and with natural objects forms a link in my works to actual times and places. Expressive organic lines based on the trails of borers and grubs are overlaid with heavily textured areas of paint and then the surface of the painting is worked back into, scraping, sanding and etching to reveal what lies beneath.

The surface of the work is of primary importance and aims to convey a sense of time passing, fleeting memories and ephemerality.The works invite the viewer to be still and to contemplate what might be just below the surface.

Finestra is the Italian word for window and these works offer glimpses into my worlds both real and imagined. The works depict the landscapes of North East Victoria in macro and micro ways; they look to the vast ranges and plains as much as to the cracks between granite and the carvings of scribbly gum moths, often layering this imagery in a single painting.


My interest is not in a visual representation of the landscape but in deep contemplation and distillation of the emotions and feelings of a place. My landscapes are reflections of my inner world rather than references to a specific place and are deeply personal delving into the places where art, nature and healing intersect.

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