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I love painting people, capturing moments and those simple everyday activities we take for granted.

More increasingly I want to show a quick snapshot of lives, events and times that are personal to me but also just those unexpected casual encounters that turn up at any moment in time.


My artwork has more recently started to push the use and placement of colour. I really enjoy playing with a range of colours, experimenting with both the opaque and transparent qualities of oil paint as I develop the layers on the canvas.

Increasingly I am aiming to develop an interesting base and background on which I can place my figures and allow some of this colour to weave through the figurative images.


I hope you will enjoy the moments ‘captured’ in these works.

My art work is largely based on a response to the natural environment. I like to capture aspects of colour, shape, pattern and movement and create a painterly, abstract interpretation. Sometimes these compositions layer abstract patterns built on colour and structures from previous paintings.

Another approach in this exhibition is using colour, shape, pattern and movement to express interpretations of Jazz and Blues music.

I find there is a natural correlation between these two subjects and the way I feel about them.

It is obvious that I enjoy using strong expressive brushstrokes in acrylic paint to create movement, texture and form. I also like to employ subtle variations of colour and tone. Often I paint straight onto the canvas in an attempt to capture a fresh gestural mark in the composition.

In these examples you could say I am creating drawings with the brush, which the works on paper particularly illustrate.

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