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'Herstory' by Joanne Radnor 



I am presenting an overview of my artistic journey so far.


A progression of an evolving body of work that still has a central theme of the female form reflecting colour, movement and strength. 

Strokes of Brilliance 

Resident Artists Group Exhibition March 30-April 10th

A creative collection of artwork from all of our Resident Artists on display for two weeks. One of our artists will be in attendance each day so please call in to view this wonderful exhibition and have a chat. 

Foliage (1).jpg

Tanya Rose ‘Foliage’ Exhibition 13th April – 24th April 2023


In the lead up to this exhibition I started collecting native foliage and flowers from the garden and Australian bush.

I began experimenting with pressing the flowers and foliage and then photographing them on a light box. These photographs led me to focus on the shapes that the pressed foliage formed and the translucent nature of the materials. I became interested in tracing the foliage, drawing and cutting around the forms to create positive and negative stencil shapes. I experimented with a variety of paper stencils before using Yupo paper (a non-absorbent paper used in alcohol inks) to create my stencils. I had some canvas pads that I used for the surface material and laid the stencils on top spraying them with aerosol acrylic paint. By overlaying and over-lapping and respraying the stencils I have created a series of ethereal paintings. We get glimpses of the foliage through the translucent layers and by using aerosol spray paint the process has provided me with another way of painting without the means of a brush. 

AGoO May2.png

Shared Visions: 

Tutor Kate Jenvey shares an exhibition with her students

As a tutor, I am deeply proud of my students and their endeavours to be creative and to expand their artistic ideals. 


Art Gallery on Ovens gives us an opportunity to share a space to exhibit our artworks together as a tutor and my students.

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