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A series of abstract works created this year during bush fires and Covid 19 lockdown.

Many of the works have been reworked as I’ve experimented and played during this ‘at home’ time.

This shared experience has given us insights into ourselves and others in a time we have had to stop and take stock. It has also forced us into our gardens and community. Living in the country has been a distinct advantage for both space and safety.

The works contain organic elements and hints of buildings and even a mapping element of where I live and roam.

I have found my colour palette has included many more tertiary colours. The layers show lots of energy and times of thoughtful application reflecting the many emotions we have all experienced.

FINDING MY WAY is a solo exhibition of art works created by emerging artist, Wenda Grant.


Wenda has been painting for just three years and is becoming recognised for her love of bright colour which she thoughtfully and playfully uses in her mostly abstract compositions.


She applies paint in layers then enjoys scratching into the wet paint with implements such as skewers, chop sticks or her finger nails to make lines, shapes and patterns or with pastels and paint pens when the paint is dry.


Wenda has a deep affinity to Victoria’s south west coast and her earlier watercolour paintings on paper are heavily influenced from her time spent there. These abstract paintings show a wonderland that could exist under the water in her imagination. It was however, when Wenda started to explore the properties of acrylic paint and harder substrates such as board and canvas to paint on that she could create more texture and heavier bodied layers. She was on her way!


Interestingly, Wenda found that mountains or ridges seemed to appear a lot on these harder surfaces even though she had no intention of painting them. “I have learnt that the painting shows me the way and tells me what is needed.”

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