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milly quin.jpg

'Adrift' by Milly Quin

Young Mentor Artist 2023


My art enables me to reflect on my life experiences and the challenges they have faced along the way.


Using oil paint, digital media, and photography, I explore themes of growth, acceptance, and the impact of life experiences on the mind.


I create art to tell stories, in the hope that others will see themselves in the work and find meaning and growth in their own experiences.

Orange and Pink Modern Geometric Minimal Exhibition Poster_20230818_141404_0000.png

'Inspire & Influence' by Karen McGann & Tyome Thompson


Inspiration is a vital spark, revealing real possibilities within us. It propels us to create in new ways, with courage and the knowledge that anything is possible.

It is the seed to all life. 

Artists are influenced by what they see and how they feel. It can come in many ways, like colour, and style, and a particular subject. Influence can come from an unexpected source or a deliberate search with a set criteria in mind. 

We can choose our influence, and there is no right or wrong way. We are the Captains of our own ship and make all the decisions concerning our art. As someone once said, " The beauty of art is subjective and in the eye of the beholder."

Melancholia and Enlightenment  (297 × 210 mm) (1).png

‘MELANCHOLIA’ introduces the start of a new body of work for Janet.

The EIGHT DRAWINGS in this exhibition explore the concept of ‘Melancholia’ that began as an expression of her recent personal struggles and health issues.

Based around and developed from, research of a pre-nineteenth century system of belief relating to humoral theory, their focus is specifically on the four humors: phlegm, black bile, yellow bile and blood, and the range of emotional and physical effects that these can have on the human body.

Each drawing of the female nude addresses an individual humor and attempts to explore effects of both the heightened inspiration (heat) and depressed spirits (cold) described by the humors, through cropped, vulnerable and stark forms against inky black backgrounds. 

‘Enlightenment’ takes Joelene Mitchell's work into a completely new direction from the florals she has previously been known for. 


Having spent the first half of the year immersed in the Centre Against Violence's The Art Project, Joelene was compelled to continue exploring the attributes humans draw upon when rising from adversity and trauma. Enlightenment is a blend of two series of current artwork explorations; ‘Reclamation’ and ‘Cosmology - The Unbecoming’.


The ‘Reclamation’ series is a reflection of the energetic essence of these attributes.  "I became strongly drawn to the emotional essences while working with sculptures earlier this year. " shared Joelene.  "Discovering how deeply art can tell a story and carry emotion has been deeply healing in my own story.  I believe art is a powerful healer."


'Cosmology - The Unbecoming’ series is a meditation on unfolding conscious awareness, often experienced as one immerses oneself in a deep healing journey and releases old beliefs and conditioning. 

Sue Flyer - A Cut Above.jpg

I am a passionate artist focused on creating traditional realistic artworks in the most exciting and vibrant way that I can through the application of fine art principles.  


I have been painting for over 30 years and have reached a level with my art where I am comfortable and confident to tackle any subject. This exhibition displays a range of subjects from people to landscapes, townscapes, flowers, birds and animals, and includes what I consider to be some of my best works.  


I have won many awards over the years, most recently, Best Oil at the Bright Autumn Art Show 2023. 


I have named this exhibition “A Cut Above” which is the title of my feature piece of a cutting horse at work with the tassels on the rider’s chaps flying in all directions.  My aim with this exhibition is to create a visual experience for visitors that will be considered “A Cut Above”!

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