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Frank Burgers

This show remains untitled to avoid inference on the audience’s perception. They are what they are. Colour on paper or linen. A Minimalist aesthetic.


They are conceived from simple ideas, and through a long process of looking and building....., well, maybe there is enough in them to be of interest to a larger audience. I guess this is a testing ground.

The pastels were shown in ‘Blue’ (Bushgatherings Gallery, Violet Town, November 2020), with small paintings on scraps of linen on board (these are going to Benalla Art Gallery in April as part of ‘Northern Abstraction’, with Anthea Kemp and Ralph Bristow – curated by Eric Nash). The paintings in this show developed in the same period (2018-2020).

…a glasse of the next World

An exhibition of paintings by Jamie Ferguson

28th January – 8th February 2021

 The paintings, whilst being painted, take me on their little voyage. It sometimes feels like entering a world next to ours.

What is this place, with its unknown people, its misshapen rungs? It is not next to this world, but within it, someone says.

“The seat of the soul is the point where the inner and the outer worlds touch” said Novalis.

Recaptured by Janet Leith


Recaptured presents a body of work created over the last two years.


Each image captures a snapshot in time, a personal moment of the subject, or my unexpected casual encounters with the people around me.

The Backpackers @the Graduation

Oil on canvas  76 x 76 cm 


This work captures two young backpackers, essentially freeloading by making themselves at home during my son’s Master’s graduation celebration at the Exhibition Building in Melbourne in 2018.

I remember when I asked the two of them if I could take their photo for a possible painting, they just laughed and commented in their Scottish accent that they loved the idea! Personally I loved the outfits and attitude and knew I had to focus on this aspect of the image.

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