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Jacki Macleish

Jacki moved to the northeast from Melbourne in 1990, but grew up and was educated in Gippsland, Victoria. 

She claims that her ever-present creative nature stems from her mother, an exceptionally talented dressmaker, whose creativity was not just limited to sewing.

 Jacki believes it is in her DNA. In fact, it was through her own small business in creating “Kooky Cakes” that she found herself circling back to her first passion, painting, in both colourful oil and acrylic, favouring figurative work and portraiture. 

 She originally trained as a nurse and midwife and continued to enjoy her passion for art whilst married with 4 children.

 Art was abandoned when a busy family life, combined with business commitments as a medical practice manager, limited her disposable free time.

Some 8 years ago, she was encouraged to revisit and pursue her passion for art, by a chance meeting with visual artist and teacher, Janet Leith.

Although not formally trained in Fine Art, Jacki won the Grand Prize at the 2022 King Valley Art Show

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