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Resident artists at the gallery are local or regional artists that have committed to the running of our community gallery with each artist paying a weekly rent to help run the space.

Resident artist’s works are displayed in the Resident Gallery throughout the year and each artist is also allocated 2 weeks per year for a solo exhibition, in addition to several group exhibitions.

Their commitment is in a volunteer capacity, a willingness to assist and develop other artists in the community and to cultivate, develop and engage the local community in the arts and artistic practice of artists.

Resident artists receive the full amount of their individual sales.  

The gallery requires twelve artists in order to spread and maintain the financial commitments generated by the renting of the gallery space. Each of the 12 artists are committed financially on a yearly basis and at times there will be vacancies.

If you are interested in becoming a resident artist please contact one of our directors.

The four directors of Art Gallery on Ovens
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