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Ninetta Santoro

Following a long career as an academic in the fields of Education and Sociology, Ninetta Santoro has recently settled in North East Victoria.


Whilst having had a strong interest in art as a hobby for many years, her recent retirement from university work has enabled her to seriously pursue her love of art, and in particular, printmaking. Her passion for printmaking began when she participated in a series of screenprinting courses at the Glasgow school of Art when she lived and worked in Scotland. 


Since then, Ninetta has eagerly experimented with a range of printmaking techniques and styles, often combining techniques to experiment and exploit the endless possibilities each offers in conjunction with the other.


She is particularly drawn to the technique of collagraph and the way it can provide both intaglio and relief print results from the one plate.


One of the most compelling aspects of the printing process for Ninetta is the surprise and excitement each time a new print comes off the press. 

Finding inspiration in the natural world and the everyday objects of life, Ninetta continually experiments with colour and line in her printmaking.

Ninetta has participated in a wide range of group exhibitions and art shows and is a Resident Artist of Art Gallery on Ovens, Wangaratta and an active  Collective Member of Creators Artspace in Wodonga.

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