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Georgina Wills

Georgina Wills is an artist from Wangaratta. Her style is illustrative and comes from a love of drawing, beginning with writing stories and illustrating them as a student in primary school.


An opportunity to participate in a workshop with children’s book illustrator Ann James when she was in grade five led to a keen interest in collage. Along with pouring over books by Jeannie Baker she became hooked on the textures, patterns, and amazing detail that could be created using this medium.


After creating a collaged self-portrait for her final piece in Studio Art VCE her forays into collage were limited. Other creative and artistic endeavours took her time and attention, until 2022 when she set herself the challenge of collaging a small gift tag for each day of March. Thirty-one mini collages later and the paper snips haven’t stopped.


Having always enjoyed drawing she ventured into ink to complete Art Gallery on Oven’s Inktober challenge in 2023.


Always a lover of the little details, Georgina likes to create small-scale artworks that draw the eye in to explore.

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