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joan mullarvey

Creating bold and distinctive images, Mullarvey captures the beauty, harshness and fragility of our natural environment. 


Self-described experimental printmaker, Mullarvey uses the printmaking medium to express lived experiences and interests for which there are never the right words.  Using both relief and intaglio methods, Mullarvey often overlaps images and cultural themes, allowing her to capture formal, representational and expressionist images. 


Organic, natural plant materials are primarily her inspiration when she creates monoprints.  Collecting foliage from her garden or the roadside enables her to play with themes transience and impermanence, capturing a moment in time before the beauty fades and disappears into the undergrowth.


Mullarvey is an accomplished artist living in North East Victoria and has been the recipient of many awards and commendations, most recently Mullarvey was thrilled to be a finalist in The Australian Monoprint Prize, her work is held in private collections both domestically and internationally.


Process is a big aspect of printmaking, Mullarvey allows herself the freedom to experiment across all forms of printmaking, which can lead her in different directions with unforeseen discoveries, often creating amazing results.  Each print is a hand-pulled original artwork, created through a lengthy process ending with the “magical moment” when the paper is finally lifted from the matrix.

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