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joelene mitchell

Being inspired by the complexity and wonder of nature, Joelene is drawn to explore florals in a macro format. Primarily working in acrylics, she mostly works on large canvas, exploring the intimate detail and intricacy of nature. 

The magic of floral’s details and flowing curves of the petals captivates Joelene’s imagination, especially when there is light play to be found across the petals.  Joelene’s family is now well experienced that if she wanders off into a garden, they’ll most likely have to drag her away as she cries out “just a couple more photos….”

“Creativity runs through my veins. Both of parents are artistic, with my father an artist blacksmith, and my mother works with watercolours and pencils.
I can recall watching my late grandmother painting still life compositions in oil when I was little, and I have two watercolour landscapes which were painted by my great-grandmother (also a musician), framed and hanging in my lounge. “

The Wangaratta artist had dabbled artistically on and off for over a number of years, however it has only been in the recent few years in which Joelene has more seriously explored her artistic style.

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