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Ronan Holdsworthy

Ronan moved to Wangaratta in late 2018 to create, to create in all forms that one does when they are a creative.

Ronan was creative with food for 30 years before deciding not to be creative with this medium anymore.

Creating creations now that sit within the realm of visual arts in the form of (but not limited to) murals, digital painting, watercolour, and acrylic paints.

Being around creatives that are very creative on walls and trains, really encouraged Ronan to be creative at a younger age. You may find this and other influences from epic creatives in Ronan's creations.

Having a creative mindset, Ronan is not set in one medium to create with and loves to experiment with other mediums when the creative itch arises. 

The creative itch took Ronan to Canada to be a snowboard instructor and teach them how to be creative with a natural medium such as snow. This led to Ronan creating graphics for various snowboard companies.

Ronan is now creative within Wangaratta, creating a series of donated murals to raise awareness of epilepsy and mental health in the region, helping create 11 different free art workshops with Art is in our Heart in Wangaratta, being creative on the consortium board for The Grit & Resilience Program, being asked to create with the Youth Council with a chalk mural, all this and more whilst creating creations for exhibitions, commissions and generally rad excuses.

Creating when the need to create, creating to encourage conversations, creating to bring together communities, creating to make spaces feel safer, creating memories, creating smiles with creations, creative habits, creating through volunteering, creating to live, creating because...

Ronan's need to create is insatiable.

Thank you for supporting local creatives.

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