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Featured Artist at the Gallery

Art Gallery on Ovens would like to introduce our Featured Artist Angus Bendeman. Following is an article written by Anita McPherson.

A NEW range of ceramic pieces created by Myrtleford artist Angus Bendeman has been added to the collection of artworks on display at the Art Gallery on Ovens.

It marks a significant change of direction for the South African-born craftsman, whose career has been predominantly involved in working with precious metals.

Angus first studied art after finishing school, completing his diploma in art and majoring in jewellery, sculpture and drawing.

When his lecturer offered him a job as a goldsmith he made the most of the opportunity and jewellery-making became his career for 35 years.

While known for creating custom pieces like engagement rings for his clients and also spending much of his time remodelling heritage jewellery, Angus was looking for a new creative outlet.

"I have always worked with my hands creating things for a living and I'm fortunate to have had the mentors I had in the early years," he said.

"I thought it was time to try something other than jewellery and always loved working with clay, so I thought I would give ceramics a go."

Angus is displaying a range of different pots, vases and bowls at the gallery and says their style depends on his mood, the artist enjoying making something different every day.

He is planning to concentrate on ceramics for a while with the aim of practising his technique and form, but he is also experimenting with new ideas, while also exploring computer-aided design (CAD).

"I can't wait to get back into sculpting again and combining that with my pots," he said.

See the work of Angus Bendeman at the Art Gallery on Ovens in the laneway off Murphy Street, open from 10am until 4pm on Monday, Thursday and Friday and from 10am until 2pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Anita McPherson


Editorial Coordinator – North East Living

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