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Reflection on 'The Way I See It' Exhibition

Despite my doubts about continuing to have my planned exhibition “The Way I See It” during Covid 19, it turned out to be a positive and enjoyable experience.

Many of the resident artist helped to curate and hang my work and the result was very pleasing. Kate Jenvey consistently promoted my exhibition on the AGoO facebook page and the website.

Over the 10 days that the gallery was open I averaged 10 visitors a day of varying ages (including young children). It was so lovely to catch up with people and discuss art and the creative process. They often shared interesting ideas about their own work as well.

It reinforced that Art is an essential component of our community for our personal growth and our appreciation of our world and where we see ourselves in it.

Despite the anxiety of the world-wide pandemic, we can still find beauty and hope in the world.

Thank you AGoO, for giving me the opportunity to exhibit my work and best wishes for the success of your lovely art space.

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